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Top 5 Places for Hot Cocoa in the Bozeman Area

Montana has beautiful long winters – and nothing beats a rich, frothy cup of hot chocolate on a snowy day. Knoff Group Real Estate has compiled a list of the best hot chocolate in Bozeman, sure to keep you warm this season. 

A to-go cup of hot chocolate from Rockford Coffee in Bozeman

#5- Rockford Coffee on Main Street offers a unique blend of hot chocolate, which can be enjoyed in their modern yet cozy cafe.

#4 – Camino Spice is a hot chocolate shop located in downtown Livingston that also sells hot chocolate products on their website – perfect for ordering online and making at home. Camino Spice sells a variety of hot chocolate mixes – from Mexican, to dark, to their very own Epiphany Mexican mix, which consists of their Epiphany Spice Blend mixed with Mexican hot cocoa.

to-go package of hot chocolate mix from camino spice
a dine-in mug of hot chocolate inside of wild joe's in downtown bozeman

#3- Wild Joe*s, located in the heart of downtown Bozeman on Main Street serves some of the most delicious hot chocolate. They offer three different flavors – dark, Mexican or white chocolate hot cocoa.

#2 – The Chocolate Moose, located just off Main Street in downtown Bozeman, serves some of the tastiest hot chocolate you can imagine. This family-owned chocolate shop is known for whipping up delicious cocoa, along with their house-made chocolates and taffy. If you aren’t in the mood for hot cocoa, check out their refurbished old-fashioned soda fountain.

a to-go cup of hot cocoa from chocolate moose in bozeman
a to-go cup of hot cocoa from le chatelaine in bozeman

#1 – La Châtelaine Chocolat Co. prides themselves on their authentic, bittersweet, handcrafted French hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and homemade marshmallows. Their steaming cocoa has been recognized as some of the best hot chocolate in the country, so be sure to stop in and try their rotating seasonal flavors. They have two locations in downtown Bozeman, one off Main Street and the other in the historic Baxter Hotel.