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Small cities in America’s Mountain West are booming – The Economist

Amazing that The Economist, a publication out of London, UK has highlighted the growth and pressure on the Bozeman, Montana market. The Economist: Small cities in America’s Mountain West are booming Rocky Mountain metros are growing both despite and because of the pandemic United States Apr 10th 2021 IN 1871 WILLIAM JACKSON PALMER, a civil-war …

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Market statistics

Q1 2021 Real Estate Market Analysis & Statistics

For a graphical chart version of this information, please visit our Market Stats page. Single Family Single family home sales were robust during Quarter 1 2021. In comparing this quarter to 2020, it is important to note that Q1 2020 was not yet considered ‘pandemic’ affected. 2020 had started off as one of the strongest …

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Montana’s Unaffordable Housing Crisis | Montana Business Quarterly

The boom in our market, as well as other mountain towns, has created an even bigger affordable housing issue in already inventory strapped communities. Montana’s Unaffordable Housing Crisis by Brandon Bridge April 5, 2021 Montana Business Quarterly The lack of affordable housing has been an increasingly difficult problem for many Montana communities. With relatively few …

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outdoor pools at Fairmont hot springs with water slide

Knoff Group Presents: Hot Springs in Southwest Montana

Montana offers some of the best natural hot springs with the most beautiful views. Soaking in hot springs has been found to have many health benefits, and a relaxing day at the hot springs with friends and family is simply awesome. Knoff Group Real Estate has compiled a list of some of our favorite developed …

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