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The 10 Best Colleges for Ski Buffs | According To

Montana State University gets Bozeman onto another top ten list – top 10 colleges for those who love to ski.  Not so sure about the bit about kite skiing across campus (author may never have been here) but still plenty of snow time to balance out a rigorous class schedule.

Montana State University:

This school in Bozeman knows the legendary ski town is one of its biggest draws for students and proudly proclaims its “Dream Town” location right from the admissions section of its website.

From Outside magazine to National Geographic, critics agree Bozeman offers world-class skiing, and MSU students take advantage. Whether it’s hitting the soft powder of the Bridger Bowl 20 minutes north of town, cruising the Moonlight Basin 45 minutes south of town, or kite skiing across campus, Montana State is smack dab in the heart of ski mecca.
Source: The 10 Best Colleges for Ski Buffs | According To