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Simple tips to Energy Efficiency in your home

Northwestern energy has recently published tips on how to clean your home to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your power and gas usage.

Vacuum refrigerator coils: Dust that builds up on refrigerator coils can cause the motor to work harder, using more energy.
Clean oven and range: A range or oven darkened from heavy use absorbs more heat, reducing its efficiency.

Clean or replace furnace and air conditioning filters: A dirty filter will slow air flow and cause your system to use more energy. Filters should be changed at least every 3 months.
Replace smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector batteries: Replace batteries in all detectors at least once a year. If your CO detector is more than five years old, it is likely time to replace the CO detector as the sensor life is normally only 5-7 years.

Basement or Garage
Move flammables: Clear away flammable materials and liquids from gas water heaters, gas furnaces and other heat sources.
Get rid of that old second fridge – you would be shocked to learn how much you are paying to keep it plugged in each month!
Clean out dryer ducts: Blocked dryer ducts make your machine work harder than necessary—using extra energy to dry clothes.