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Best Sledding Hills in the Bozeman Area

dinosaur park sledding hill

Catching air, snow in your face, adrenaline pumping, and just a few minutes from home. Sledding is a cherished Bozeman area winter tradition. Knoff Group Real Estate has created a complete guide to the best sledding hills around our area for your enjoyment.

#6- Lindley Park, on the north side by old Bridger Chair, features many sloping hills great for the littles. Most of the hills are gentle, however Lindley does have a few steeper, shorter hills to practice on before you head over to Peet’s Hill. The park also has a skate skiing loop trail, perfect for adults to utilize as their kids sled!  

#5- Snowfill Recreation Area, north of the Bridger Creek Golf Course off McIlhatten Rd, makes for beautiful sledding. The open area with expansive views of the Bridgers and Bozeman has both a steeper hill as well as a longer, more gradual hill, making it perfect for everyone. Snowfill Recreation Area is our area’s best off-leash dog park, so bring your furry friends along for the ride! 

#4- If you’re up for a winter drive, the hill across from Langohr Campground in Hyalite Canyon makes for a perfect sledding day in the mountains. Grab your toboggan, inner tube, trash can lid, whatever your sled of choice is and head on up Hyalite for an unforgettable winter afternoon. 

#3- Graf Park: Located along S Graf Street just after the intersection with S 3rd is a hidden gem of sledding.  On the west wall of Graf Park – short but steep. You can access Graf Park through linking trails on Sourdough Trail.

#2 – Dinosaur Park (Gallatin County Regional Park) located between Oak and Baxter on Bozeman’s west side, has an enormous man-made hill perfect for sledding. This is a great hill for the whole family, as you can customize how challenging you want your sledding to be. On a sunny winter day, the views of the Bridgers are unbeatable as you catch air on the way down. Bring Fido to the 9 acre dog park for some winter fun for the whole family.

#1- Peet’s Hill: Located off S Church by the Bozeman Library and the Gallagator Trail, Peet’s Hill is the most popular sled hill by downtown Bozeman. It is accessible from the Bozeman Library’s parking lot. Being so popular, the snow can get packed and sometimes icy, so be ready to sled down in the blink of an eye! Sled enthusiasts often create man-made jumps to ensure an adventurous ride. It’s known as “Hospital Hill” for a reason, so be careful as you sled down!