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Annexation, rezoning proposed for 115 acres in northwest Bozeman | BDC

Annexation, rezoning proposed for 115 acres in northwest Bozeman By Nora Shelly Chronicle Staff Writer Apr 25, 2022

Another huge chunk of land in northwest Bozeman is on its way to redevelopment.The “Silo” development is proposed for about 115 acres west of Davis Lane and south of Valley Center Drive in the far northwestern reach of Bozeman. The land is not within city limits, but developers are proposing it be annexed and assigned residential-emphasis mixed use, or REMU zoning.

Virga Capital is the company proposing the development. The company is also behind the proposed redevelopment of land behind Kenyon Noble on Oak Street and the repurposing of the old Gallatin Laundry building in downtown Bozeman.

Rob Lateiner with Virga Capital said Monday that the design for the development has not been determined, but that they plan to build a variety of housing types on the property, including apartments and single-family homes “to serve the largest amount of Gallatin County residents possible.”

The annexation and zoning is expected to come before the Community Development advisory board next week.

The property is in a quickly changing part of Bozeman. Just to the southeast across Davis Lane is the under-construction Billings Clinic campus. There are other medical-focused projects underway in the area, including an eye surgery center.

Last year, a 17-acre parcel at the corner of Davis Lane and Westlake Road was annexed into the city and zoned for residential development.

Community Development Manager Chris Saunders said last week that the REMU zoning allows for a wide range of housing, from detached single-family homes to apartment buildings and mixed-use buildings.REMU zoning allows for some commercial uses as well, Saunders said. Besides its size, Saunders said there is nothing unusual about the proposed annexation and zoning.“It’s in an area that the city has planned growth for, with utilities and land use and all of our other planning,” Saunders said. “It’s just a very ordinary annexation and zoning at this point.”

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