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Property Tax and Reappraisal Changes in Montana

This article published on June 23, 2015 by the Billing’s Gazette touches on some changes that will be felt regarding the change of property tax assessments from a six year cycle to a two year cycle. State property tax assessments to be issued soon by Tom Lutey, BILLINGS GAZETTE- Montana’s property tax assessments are set …

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Belgrade City Council approves seeking mill levy

The City of Belgrade took a hiatus from raising taxes during the recession – and now they’re running on fumes.  The City Commission unanimously voted on Monday night to ask Belgrade residents to approve a mill levy to shore up the deficit.  If it fails, the police department and library suffer. Belgrade City Council approves …

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Belgrade Schools refinance bonds – taxes going down

Here’s news you don’t see every day.  Property Taxes going DOWN in Belgrade after the Belgrade School District refinanced four bonds – saving taxpayers over a half Million cool ones. Nice! Belgrade Schools refinance bonds Hannah Stiff, Staff Writer Property owners in Belgrade will save a bit of money on taxes paid to the schools …

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