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Montana’s Unaffordable Housing Crisis | Montana Business Quarterly

The boom in our market, as well as other mountain towns, has created an even bigger affordable housing issue in already inventory strapped communities. Montana’s Unaffordable Housing Crisis by Brandon Bridge April 5, 2021 Montana Business Quarterly The lack of affordable housing has been an increasingly difficult problem for many Montana communities. With relatively few …

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Hot Button Issues for 2014 – A summary in Bozeman

It’s interesting to take a yearly cross section – an assessment if you will – of what the biggest hot button issues for a community are and then bundle them together for study. It gives across section of where a community stands in growth and involvement.  I found this article very enlightening – especially the …

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What is CSST & Should I be Concerned?

This was a newsletter article in the June edition of the NorthWestern Energy Connections. Interesting read – good things to know. Should I be concerned if CSST is in my home? Corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) is a continuous, flexible, stainless steel pipe that is typically covered with a yellow exterior plastic coating. CSST is …

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