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Possible Expansion of Skyline Service in Big Sky

Skyline Bus – Proposed Service Improvements – Direct from Town Center to the Mountain Village

Skyline is proposing a new direct route from Town Center to Mountain Village for Friday-Sunday during the winter season (December 20-April 6).  There would be one additional run during the morning, and then approximately eight hours of service each evening.  When combined with existing service, this new service would allow for half-hour service to Town Center and Meadow Village Center (see pdf). This new service would cost Skyline approximately $25,000.

In order to accomplish this addition, Skyline is in the process of asking for donations for the 2013-2014 winter season to help underwrite the expenses associated with the additional stops and nonstop route from Town Center to the Mountain.  Skyline’s goal is to raise $15,000 from Town Center and $10,000 from Meadow Village Center to cover the costs of the expanded service.

The Big Sky area is very excited about the consolidation of the Resorts on the hill and we recognize that the Skyline Bus is an effective way to tie the area all together.  Skyline wants to continue to make the Town Center an important part of Big Sky, and they have shown this by making Town Center their hub, proposing this service expansion, etc.

The thought is that since Town Center now has two major ski rental shops, a movie theater, a coffee shop, six restaurants, a grocery store, galleries, and other services and businesses that resort guests and skiers need, this would allow more options for visiting guests to take advantage of all the Big Sky has to offer.

Looking forward to seeing happy tourists that don’t feel isolated in any one part of the resort as an end result.

Information from the Big Sky Transportation District.

Current Skyline route information found here