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Knoff Group Presents: Best New Restaurants in the Bozeman Area

With the growth in our area, the dining cuisine continues to expand and develop. Knoff Group has compiled a list of our favorite new and exciting eateries in Bozeman, sure to satisfy your tastebuds.

bourbon restaurant

#6 Bourbon, Bozeman’s newest restaurant, is located at the west end of the new Aspen Crossing complex off of North 7th Avenue near downtown Bozeman. If you’re looking for traditional barbecue with different regional styles, Bourbon is the place to go. We recommend their Memphis baby back ribs or their Alabama chicken. If you’re feeling adventurous, the bar has about 60 different types of bourbons and some top shelf whiskeys.

inside of main street market

#5 Main Street Market, located in downtown Bozeman, offers prepared food and shopping. Here you can sit down and sip on a coffee, indulge in some Genuine Ice Cream or pick up some local handmade gifts. They have a large selection of organic and healthy food options, making it a perfect one-stop-shop. Oh, and there is a wine bar!

food inside of Vienne cafe

#4 Just when we thought downtown Bozeman couldn’t get any more awesome, Vienne Café opened! From French pastries, artisan breads and croissants to veggie quiche and French sandwiches, Vienne Café is an amazing addition to Bozeman’s dining scene. Anna Mendoza, the CEO and executive pastry chef, who was born and raised on a Montana farm, went to culinary school in France.Bon appetit!

plate of food inside of happy box

#3 Bozeman now has a Korean inspired karaoke bar named Happy Box. They boast a menu full of delicious off-beat Asian street food along with various cocktails. After. dinner, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can sing your heart out in one of their karaoke suites.

inside of Brigade restaurant

#2 With an upscale and vibrant ambiance, Brigade is the perfect dinner spot for a night on the town. Located on Main Street, Brigade serves modern French cuisine, with an emphasis on Montana Farm to Table. We love their signature cocktails, especially their happy hour special from 3-6pm every night-$3 draft beers, martinis and oysters!

outside of the new ice cream shop

#1 Michoacan a pedir de Boca, which opened in late June of 2020, is located off 7th Avenue in downtown Bozeman. This authentic ice cream establishment is a family-owned business with Mexican roots. They serve handmade ice creams, paletas, aguas frescas and much more. The store usually has around 36 different ice cream flavors and around 17 different types of paletas, or fruit-popsicles. We recommend their Dulce de Leche or tequila flavored ice cream! Plus, if you’re wanting ice cream in a rush–they have a drive through!