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Historic Story Mill property sold to new owner |

A long history of bank possession is now over for the Historic Story Mill buildings.  With the creation of a new community park just to the west on land purchased by the Trust for Public land, the vision for this area is finally coming clear.  Excited to see what Mike Schlegel has is mind for renovations and the new residential project at the land’s northern end.


Historic Story Mill property sold to new owner

One of Bozeman’s historic landmarks that has sat vacant for years now has a new owner with a new vision for the 15-acre Story Mill property.”This is the mill building and behind that was a small warehouse,” Triple Creek Realty Owner Jerry Pape said as he pointed out on the Story Mill site.Pape is a real estate broker in Bozeman and the agent for American Bank, which just sold the Story Mill site to a new owner, Mike Schlegel.

“Their interest is to facilitate the art of heavy artisans, people who would be doing sculpting and welding and things of that nature, and they intend to transform the complex into something that supports that while simultaneously taking various artifacts from the complex and restoring those so that people can see what they looked like at the time they were used many, many years ago,” Pape said.

The property is about 15 acres on the east side of Story Mill Road.City leaders hope the history of the site will be preserved, while turning it into an economic asset for Bozeman.”

This is a major milestone particularly if we get something out of it,” Mayor Jeff Krauss said.Fencing is already going up to protect the buildings.”Making sure the property is properly secured so we can avoid further vandalism,” Pape said.

Most of them have been boarded up for years.This, believe it or not, is a grain storage warehouse, raw grain, it’s actually a horizontal silo. This is going to be revitalized,” Pape said.

There is also a residential component to this project. There are plans for new residential construction on the northern end of the property.”

We think this is the beginning of the northeast side revival,” Pape said.

Pape says the owners expect to begin work in the next two years.

via Historic Story Mill property sold to new owner | | Z7 | Bozeman, Montana.