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Fiber Optic Loop – Bozeman enters the 21st Century

Bozeman Fiber is in the process of building a high performance fiber network around Bozeman.  This network will be available to a host of communications companies – allow for high speed, redundant internet service around the city.  Bozeman did not directly benefit from the Montana Opticom service that was installed throughout the ‘rural’ areas of the county, as part of the economic stimiulus.

The network being installed is a Gigabit fiber netowrk, which should allow for increased capacity as the city grows.  Bozeman Fiber is a private community non-profit and will allow for service providers to offer improved broadband for less cost to the consumer. The hope is that this new resource will hep to attract new jobs and businesses to the area by offering the same Internet speeds and bandwith that can be found in any other city in the US.

The first phase of construction is happening now as a loop around the city. This will connect 25 schools and over 100 businesses.

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