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Enterprise: Livingston Business Improvement District Extended

Livingston continues to grow and the city commission decided to renew the downtown Livingston Business Improvement District for another 10 years and expand the boundaries.

City renews Livingston Business Improvement District for 10 years
Published on Wed, 01/06/2021
By Sam Klomhaus – Livingston Enterprise Staff Writer

The Livingston City Commission approved Tuesday new boundaries for the Livingston Business Improvement District (LBID), and renewed the district for 10 more years.

The LBID is an organization made up of downtown Livingston property owners that works to enhance streetscapes, conduct maintenance and otherwise improve the downtown. It is funded through property taxes in the district.

Formerly, the LBID encompassed the area from Park Street to Geyser Street and from Third Street to the alley between B and C Streets, according to the LBID website, plus properties just south of Geyser Street and properties west of Third Street between Park Street and Callender Street.

LBID Executive Director Kris King said Wednesday the boundaries aren’t really changing, but a couple of properties within the boundaries are changing from residential to commercial usage and vice versa.

During a public hearing on the issue, Patricia Grabow said she was worried the city had not gone through the proper procedures to create a business improvement district, although she was not opposed to the updated boundaries.

The city can create an LBID if it so chooses, although if 50% of the property owners within the suggested boundaries protested during the protest period, the creation would fail, City Attorney Courtney Lawellin said.

Only one entity within the new boundaries protested the action, City Manager Michael Kardoes said, which used to be a commercial entity but is now a residence. The commission agreed to exclude the residence from the LBID.

Source: The Livingston Enterprise